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Shop: Tempero Foods

Along with Tempero at Yours (our private event and catering arm), you can now shop our Tempero Foods store by ordering online or purchasing in-house - so you can have Tempero, at yours (literally). 

Orders are currently for pick up only.


Pão de Queijo

These little cheesy balls of goodness are an in-house favourite. Each order includes one dozen units of uncooked dough with baking instructions.

(Vegetarian | Gluten-Free)


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Tempero Chilli Oil

An assortment of hot chillies preserved in cachaça, ginger, and oil, our homemade chilli oil will definitely spice up your life!

Take home a 300ml jar today!


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Mole Negro

Our Mole Negro contains 50 - 60 ingredients and takes 3 days to make. Save yourself the hassle of attempting to make this complex Mexican sauce by buying a jar here.


(Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free)

Contains Nuts


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A refreshing Latin rice and cinnamon milk beverage made in-house using soaked-overnight white rice, cinnamon sticks and Tonka beans.  

(Dairy-Free | Vegan | Gluten-Free)


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More items will be added to our online store, in due course. 

If you'd like to order something off our food menu that you don't see on offer here, email us and we'll do our very best to accommodate.

Tempero at Yours

Planning a private event and need catering? We're happy to bring our services to you! Reach out to us via email at, providing details about your event, the date, and the number of guests, and we'll get you sorted!

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